Reasons to choose a plant-based diet

The best way to treat any of the chronic diseases is by going for a diet rich in veggies and fruits. When you go for the plant based diet it doesn’t mean that you have to leave having non veg completely, but you have to minimize the intake of it while increasing the intake of vegetarian foods.

  • Prevent diabetes: Around 287 million people have diabetes and the numbers might raise in future. According to the researchers, opting for a plant -based diet can actually help you to get rid of diabetes.
  • Control hypertension: According to various studies and research, when you take food rich in fruits and vegetables, it will reduce the blood pressure. Blood pressure in turn might lead to various heart diseases and even stroke. 
  • Health of heart: When researchers have tracked the health habits of people for 14 years, it has been observed that people who were having a good amount of vegetables and fruits had very low chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. The more you can intake these veggies and fruits the healthy your heart will be.
  • Weight loss: Vegetarians will usually have low intake of calories than non vegetarians and this is the reason why they lose weight easily and have lower BMI. You can have fruits and veggies along with a bowl of whole grains rather than meat to stay fuller and to have low calorie food. 
  • Fiber rich foods: Adding of fiber in your diet will help you in preventing constipation by aiding proper digestion. Fiber also helps in reducing the body blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. The raspberries and cooked green peas are high in fiber content.
  • Vision value: To have a proper night vision vitamin A is important and carrots are rich in vitamin A. spinach, corn, kiwi, squash, kale, grapes are also good for the eyes. These foods contain pigments like zeaxanthin and lutein which are known to prevent cataracts as well as macular degeneration.
  • Care for skin: When you consume animal products, the saturated fats present in it also causes clogged pores. Taking enough fruits and vegetables helps you to maintain a healthy skin as they contain important pigments, vitamins and phytochemicals that our skin needs. Tomatoes have lycopene that helps our skin from sun damage while sweet potatoes reduce wrinkles as they are rich in vitamin C as it stimulates the production of collagen in our skin which helps in skin tightening. 

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