Physical fitness is related to better brain health

Studies have concluded that there is a link between cognitive performance and physical fitness. According to a recent study when you are physically fit, it can help you in reducing the symptoms related to depression, dementia and other issues. There are also studies which have shown there is a positive link between certain changes in the brain structure and staying physically fit. Researchers were able to associate high blood pressure in those who had very low levels of physical fitness. There are several other factors which are linked to fitness like the blood glucose levels, body mass index, educational status etc.

According to the latest experiments which have been carried out in Germany at the University Hospital Muenster, they have made research on a sample of healthy people where they have checked and tested for the link between brain structure, physical fitness and the cognitive domains. They were asked to walk as fast as they can, and noted the distance covered by them. In this study scientists have considered various parameters like the patient’s sharpness, reasoning ability, memory and judgement. It was observed that people who have performed best in 2 minutes walk test have also performed best in others but 1 in cognitive task.  Even after having controlled factors like the blood pressure, BMI, age, sex etc their relationship was significant. Researchers have also found that there was great improvement in cognitive thinking when the people have higher levels of fitness when there was improvement in structural integrity of the white matter. Even in youngsters the cognitive performance would decrease with the reduced levels of fitness. Dr Repple said that we know the importances of it in people who are older and who doesn’t have a healthy life, but it is surprising to see in 30 years old. This shows the importance of staying fit and how it can help in maintaining better brain health.

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