Know the 5-6 best medical career jobs

In order to get a good job in the medical field all you will need is good education and should be passionate to help others.

The following are the list of few medical jobs which are available for you in the market.

  1. Medical assistant: He or sheis a person who will be handling the various administrative tasks in a hospital. With just minimal training you will be able to find jobs easily. Their annual salary could be $ 33,610 per year. Their main task is to assist the various departments of the hospital in various ways. His or her role is to see that the hospital runs smoothly.

  2. Nursing assistant: For this job a person has to be licensed or registered nurse. They should be able to handle medical equipment, administer sponge bath and a lot more. The annual salary provided to the nursing assistant might be around $28,530 each year. A good nurse can give a lot of relief to the patient and takes a major role in the treatment of the patient.

  3. Physician: The most important person, they diagnose and treat the patients. Most of them will be working in a hospital but those who have experience will have their own operating clinics as well. They can be specialized in various departments like oncology, paediatrics, family care etc. They might earn an annual salary of $208,000 per year and may go up further with the years.

  4. Pharmacy technician: They help the pharmacists to assist their patients. They should be familiar with the various drug names and their uses. Still they shouldn’t prescribe medicines to a patient. They should also know how to apply medicines and help patients with the right dose. They can earn an annual salary of $32,700.

  5. Diagnostic medical sonographer: He or she is a person who will be responsible for operating various imaging machinery in hospitals, physician’s office or a clinic. They will operate sonogram, ultrasound and several other similar machines to create patient’s image. He plays a very important role as far as medical testing of the patient is considered at different levels. Their salary can be around $67,080 per year. 

  6. Clinical lab technician: They are generally known as the lab techs who perform various medical lab tests. They use samples collected to perform tests. They earn around $52,330 per year.

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